Who shot the herd mentality sheriff?

who shot
Alpha, “…”, Omega, may be Greco-roman in nativity. For all intent, it is symbolic of an epoch on time scale, a signage of the emergence of “wisdom-tooth” for the “grunts”, as they hacked into the apple of ‘the-know’. Frog leapt human race off uncharted sound codes, as though yells, echoed off the radar of a troupe of bonobos tipsy to nerve endings, inched off babbles of Brownian syntax’s of an unschooled deaf mute.
Then was the need to distill order from the brawl of elements, while the neurons of the cerebral hemispheres needed to condense inky numerical spheres of dew of facts to give account of the tangibles expressed on a frame work spread of the papyrus, rolled into cylindrical life jacket. Warming detail scripts of recorded history, of things which Is and to come. Providing courses of action to ‘bland masses’, as though it never was. So seems an inroad to the reign of theocracy. Programmable “prophet Isaiah” could better foretell as though to prove the ken of events got its nix from the start.
Jeff, Sergei, Mark, Musk, Bill, the list goes on; knitting augmented chains without tangible links, keeping the front role seat, so it seems, the Lords of virtual kingdoms, in deep dives of learning rout, now spatial in projection. Taking cue from romantic Venus, the Red Martian, satellites of moons, host of planetary bodies, spaced out in elliptical mush exchanging trade in volleys of quantum, uniquely crypt in terms and agreement, exchanging electro-currency. Multi-billion Pet-bytes. Streaming in bandwidth. Almost seamless in flows, as though no one moved the cheese. Load to hilt in codes of silence. Short of Rehoboam’s bereavement on the dissolution of “herded sheep” of the state of Israel, prompting phrase grunts; “to your tent ho Israel”.
“Right from the days of Thatcher ism, the kingdom of the British Isles ‘suffereth’ Post Colony Trauma swayed well over half of the globe; only the Brexiteers took it by vote”. At the inlet of Apps, whose ticker timer just beginning to dot in grads, calling entrants to bar in lieu of the tenant of justice, only to glue their bums to warm the benches, to dispensed justice in jumbo packs, at greater efficiency while saving time and energy.
It now seems the last bastion of leaders would have programming geeks at the trunks of ancestral simulator tree, sequel by self debugging program, doubling as a second filial generation. The viral: “Autonomous” Proning(human droned) immigrants across ‘Trump’s border’ unfettered, in similitude of a swamp of bots. You heard bacterial could double as hard drive, that seem to make “Ezekiel” rusty to the marrow, to ask “if dry bones could live again”.
To have dry bones in the valley live again, is to come to term with the possibility of autonomy in the internet of things. To ask, who shot the sheriff? Was to admit ‘they know not what they do’. The shepherd was hung on a tree .To proof the herd mentality was an illusion. He resurrected to dine with eleven of the sheep in the ‘upper room’. A toast to the indestructibility of information. Yap! ‘He’ is eternally alive!


Vibes,Youths & Harmonics



I suppose one of the challenges that comes with forgiving 70 times 70 times 70 times, is having to submerge the buoy of ‘trusting again’ in the waters of aftermath(s). In concrete term, time travel is a mathematical aesthetics. How come the dust of hullabaloos of a distance past  seem declining to  abate?


Perhaps one of the reasons the sheen of glitz,  pulsating the glamour of EPL, wouldn’t dim to a sulk anytime soon, in spite  of energy drains at contacts and abrasions in the field of play, is the kaleidoscope of  skill infusion allowed from just about any hue of human species packed uniquely , quantifiably, with a commensurate reward system to a convertable  potential. Adding meta tags of intergral value into the  deep-learning curves to meet the satisfying needs of the players and the teaming fans.


The sporting world in general seem more of a live size laboratory where experimental works curetted through stretching of human limits, in accordance with the ethos of the Olympic games,stretching beyond friendship: “higher, faster and longer”. Where athlete’s kinetics meets placebo effects, altered consciousness,  science applications in the hues of synthesis, converged into man’s aspirations, in a catalyzed cauldron.


Much as Rattus-rattus served to catalyze clinical trials of drugs in human related treatment of diseases and its allies. There goes the beauty in diversity we dream of. Seemingly, growling into a pipe dream. Why? An asymmetric alliance of ethnic vehicles got a hackney permit to travel a mile too many, too long, in a quasi vertical and horizontal synthesis of her socio-cultural consciousness along the evolutionary tree. Who farts while bearing the needling bulk of the blame game? You may have heard, ‘cos it’s been variously adduced to poor Leadership. I beg to defer in part.


I suppose it’s a hybrid blame game tussling between leadership and followership. Great coaches kicked a career rolling first being a great player in praxis or practice or in both. In same breath a player datum’s above average either by nature or nurture to worth his/her salt, most times by both. Without great play, there was never great coach.


confused beeA great player is he who packed 5000 work hour enough to evade booking from the prying eye of the referee, evade tackle from opponent, evade fallouts of envy, pride, amidst teammates et al, shows up when it matter most, to put the ball fair and square at the back of the opponent’s net, stop’s the ball from crossing his goal line, rise above the defense strategy of the opposing playing coaching prowess, innovate winning moves  in a deadlock situations, and when the team playing style stalls, etc.  Inside the follower seems to lies the leader. Like the wave- particle paradox in physics, you seem to do better not been caught struggling against a resisting system, while you could up your game to beat a wavy curve ball round the wall of resistance, yet pouch for a goal!


Just before a walk into a qugamire from both ends. May I suggest that one of the duties of , a leadership is to put in black and while the blueprint of the interphase of their gizmos with the public software. Where citizenship could determine ahead of time in a simply term ,the workings of her Operating Systems, if it is an IOS, MAC, apple or indeed a “Blackberry”, that the youths may develop custorm built apps at their beck and calls to fit  Snuggly without conflict of interest.













A visiting Canary


The chitin forming the exoskeletal armor of a trespassing German cockroach in a hook and loop mode, lashed on the ceiling wall, leaves no one in doubt of its resilience and resistance to phenotypical changes in 2.5million years!


The momentum generated by a 1.5meter long broomstick on a targeted Whamming swipe could generate a momentum as much as 20kgm/s, that’s about half the force, required to swing  a medium sized sledge hammer. That’s about able,pehaps more than able to induce vertigo and animate unconsciousness if no confirmatory test green enough to pronounce; “goodbye to you an acient pest” as Humpty-dumpty had a great ‘fall’. The in-animated critter got an unbefitting toss off the broomstick before an entrance door slab.


In 30-seconds or so,a canary made a vertical cushioned egg like landing, ignoring my stealthy observation. Carefully pulled the 8-pieces of barbed legs off the joints, methodically took turn to swallow each. You had thought she is a piece meal table mannered feeder, until a torso pruned clear of tactile strands of barbed shafts but winged capsule stared her in the face. I had no idea what imagination ran the gamut of her cocky narrow head, she gazed her lifeless sculpt, 5-seconds counting.


In one piece head long gulp, down the gullet, of a bungee dive, ‘the undertaker drew level with her job’, pisappearing across a shortened neck! In a vertical take-off smarter than F-22 at peak performance, She dematerialized deep into the thinner part of the air.


Hook & Loop

hook & loop

“It is imperative a wooden spoke is spotted from a convenient distance if it must not piece my eyeball”. A local adage says. Though that precludes, perhaps tucked in the detail is the “hidden charges” of possible color blindness, its relative speed of approach, its angle of protrusion, its space in time, barring other constrain variables but an emergence from a blind spot.

Much as ‘John the beloved’ cried to a husk onto salvation, seemingly to the birds of the air in the wilderness, proclaiming the coming of Christ, yet He tarries. So had the physicists, si-fi gong woo, etc proclaiming the coming of ‘Super-human bots’. Crying husk on the chilling possibility of the Homo-bots, morphing into a ‘soft-fascist’, exponentially empowered to call the pecking shot to the grunt of mankind.  Could we possibly be too awe to add the suffix ‘bot’?! When an AI writes its own programme,when nuclear fusion earn the respect of the favelas, it may not be hard to whine on the Stephen Hawkins’s submission on the “crush of the machine”. Much like the handling and the use of a 99% concentrated sulphuric acid.

It’s a decade past,in similitude of the “mount of transfiguration”, to experience the glow on the face of Moses in grasp of the tablets; “*ray kursweil to the left, *Celestine prophecy to the right” , held in place at the margin of a seamless binder, a state of the art scroll . Things that was, those that are, laced into that which is. That depends on outcome chosen to observe.

Metaphor seems to chime better things than the sounds of hyperbole to learn the scripture:” to hail the stones into pelting frenzy,rising to the podium singing His praise when men faint in faith”. You heard there are more than 50 “rock” elements of the periodic table, to etching of the components of apple-pads. A little more of rock bearing elements on humanoids, doubled as Robo-cops, to ask and to response to questions, readily exchanging accolades and security checks at Abu-Dhabi airport. A little more “stones”, then you get an unwitting ogle,pehaps a smooch from femonoids  in 2020  Olympics in Osaka, Japan.

A deeper mining of the “stone” via deep-learning on AR (Augumented Reality),”Caleb and Joshua” had likely dumped a conquest for a synthetic symbiotic nitching with the ‘Terminators’ “in the land God had given them to pocess”. Like a loop and a hook, how prepared are we for the fusion?  On the green merger of ‘live and let’s win’.

Save the last hunts

It takes an eye speckled of analytical genes to spot and to filter out micro-differences in the ‘source codes’ of our social physics and its perplexing detail (though not many know that, that uniquely comes easy with the autistics). A pool of talent hardly hunted.


To conclude independently that “character is a skill not a trait”, seemingly takes a selected few hunting discreetly by the pool of empathies. Barring smart hunt, one could literally hold the laws of thermodynamics i.e. the law guarding energy distribution- by the leach, culpable of the deeds describing Orwellian dictum in contemporary “animal farms”.


Have you wondered why the human specie is often vegetativly helpless until age three? Otherwise would wither away without support of older caregiver(s), however innately gifted. That seems a paradox standing logic on its apex, to consider our numerical and exploitative treat to other species and our pale blue bulb space ship.A chimp often conscious of its safety few weeks after birth.


Evolution seem blackmailing-ly slow, to the end of its denial by a substantial cloak of archaic religious text. That isn’t farfetched, by the records, micro organisms where not known until mid 19th century. Thanks to the French scientist, Louise Pasture for bearing the burden of proof. That  had been quickly followed up the cascade of findings by Crick et al. More so on the knowledge of base elements coding life (the DNA), the mapping of human genomes, in cahoot with the ICT world of ‘deep learning’, the larger than life acceleration in artificial intelligence, just to mention but a few, are redefining what it means to be a human. That seem to quicken the question of “why am I here?” ,to ‘’what am I”? Fast forward 20 years hence.


The urgency to make a home run with all these got feverish, perhaps more to those dopping high on the Sci-Fi morphine in affinity with the cosmos wonks. We could save the cost and energy of doing the needful, by freezing eco status-quo, reengineering, terra-forming “earth 1.0” .The cost of de-extinction may whittle from present non-green astronomical cost with time. That may not be air bourn at the present decimating pace of faunas, perhaps anywhere close to the speed of a “Blue Origin” on its vertical climb through the space, coutesy-Homo-sapien sapien! The anticipated policy changes had likely accelerate as the routing of neuro-transmitting stations of leadership add more zest to its free-energy .


rhino extinctI wouldn’t offer signage to less befitting podium than that mounted by the 39yrs old new French ace-man. Emmanuel Macron. The grease is warming faster at the poles, ditto the top of most leadership poles, his grip got to reinvent innovation to the tune of an octopus tentacles to secure the EU. To Save the Rhinos et al, as we lay the road map short circuiting the odysseys through the eye of the needle.