Vibes,Youths & Harmonics



I suppose one of the challenges that comes with forgiving 70 times 70 times 70 times, is having to submerge the buoy of ‘trusting again’ in the waters of aftermath(s). In concrete term, time travel is a mathematical aesthetics. How come the dust of hullabaloos of a distance past  seem declining to  abate?


Perhaps one of the reasons the sheen of glitz,  pulsating the glamour of EPL, wouldn’t dim to a sulk anytime soon, in spite  of energy drains at contacts and abrasions in the field of play, is the kaleidoscope of  skill infusion allowed from just about any hue of human species packed uniquely , quantifiably, with a commensurate reward system to a convertable  potential. Adding meta tags of intergral value into the  deep-learning curves to meet the satisfying needs of the players and the teaming fans.


The sporting world in general seem more of a live size laboratory where experimental works curetted through stretching of human limits, in accordance with the ethos of the Olympic games,stretching beyond friendship: “higher, faster and longer”. Where athlete’s kinetics meets placebo effects, altered consciousness,  science applications in the hues of synthesis, converged into man’s aspirations, in a catalyzed cauldron.


Much as Rattus-rattus served to catalyze clinical trials of drugs in human related treatment of diseases and its allies. There goes the beauty in diversity we dream of. Seemingly, growling into a pipe dream. Why? An asymmetric alliance of ethnic vehicles got a hackney permit to travel a mile too many, too long, in a quasi vertical and horizontal synthesis of her socio-cultural consciousness along the evolutionary tree. Who farts while bearing the needling bulk of the blame game? You may have heard, ‘cos it’s been variously adduced to poor Leadership. I beg to defer in part.


I suppose it’s a hybrid blame game tussling between leadership and followership. Great coaches kicked a career rolling first being a great player in praxis or practice or in both. In same breath a player datum’s above average either by nature or nurture to worth his/her salt, most times by both. Without great play, there was never great coach.


confused beeA great player is he who packed 5000 work hour enough to evade booking from the prying eye of the referee, evade tackle from opponent, evade fallouts of envy, pride, amidst teammates et al, shows up when it matter most, to put the ball fair and square at the back of the opponent’s net, stop’s the ball from crossing his goal line, rise above the defense strategy of the opposing playing coaching prowess, innovate winning moves  in a deadlock situations, and when the team playing style stalls, etc.  Inside the follower seems to lies the leader. Like the wave- particle paradox in physics, you seem to do better not been caught struggling against a resisting system, while you could up your game to beat a wavy curve ball round the wall of resistance, yet pouch for a goal!


Just before a walk into a qugamire from both ends. May I suggest that one of the duties of , a leadership is to put in black and while the blueprint of the interphase of their gizmos with the public software. Where citizenship could determine ahead of time in a simply term ,the workings of her Operating Systems, if it is an IOS, MAC, apple or indeed a “Blackberry”, that the youths may develop custorm built apps at their beck and calls to fit  Snuggly without conflict of interest.














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