A visiting Canary


The chitin forming the exoskeletal armor of a trespassing German cockroach in a hook and loop mode, lashed on the ceiling wall, leaves no one in doubt of its resilience and resistance to phenotypical changes in 2.5million years!


The momentum generated by a 1.5meter long broomstick on a targeted Whamming swipe could generate a momentum as much as 20kgm/s, that’s about half the force, required to swing  a medium sized sledge hammer. That’s about able,pehaps more than able to induce vertigo and animate unconsciousness if no confirmatory test green enough to pronounce; “goodbye to you an acient pest” as Humpty-dumpty had a great ‘fall’. The in-animated critter got an unbefitting toss off the broomstick before an entrance door slab.


In 30-seconds or so,a canary made a vertical cushioned egg like landing, ignoring my stealthy observation. Carefully pulled the 8-pieces of barbed legs off the joints, methodically took turn to swallow each. You had thought she is a piece meal table mannered feeder, until a torso pruned clear of tactile strands of barbed shafts but winged capsule stared her in the face. I had no idea what imagination ran the gamut of her cocky narrow head, she gazed her lifeless sculpt, 5-seconds counting.


In one piece head long gulp, down the gullet, of a bungee dive, ‘the undertaker drew level with her job’, pisappearing across a shortened neck! In a vertical take-off smarter than F-22 at peak performance, She dematerialized deep into the thinner part of the air.



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